CGridView custom link pagination


I’m trying to use the Highcarts extension and the CGridView together.

The situation is the following: I have the Pie Chart at the left and the CGridView at the right on my page. Every click on diferent the slices pie of my Chart, updates the grid.

The problem is when I try to use the pagination. The pagination have an specific URL like: .../index.php/site/index?Projeto_page=2 and I have to put an custom param in the URL, it have to stay like this: .../index.php/site/index?Projeto_page=2&status=x

Does anyone know how I can put a customized param?

Below the code of the gridview:

$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(




    'summaryText'=>Yii::t('labels', 'showing {start} - {end} of {count}'),



                'header'    => 'Status',

                'class'     => 'TotalColumn',

                'htmlOptions'=>array('style'=>'text-align: center;'),






Have you tried using the beforeAjaxUpdate property?