Cgridview Column Description

Is there a way to include a column description to explain what the column heading actually means.

Say Ive got a column with an industry accronym like ‘ABC’ - to all inside that industry, they know what ‘ABC’ means, but i’d like to add a description to that heading by placing a help icon (a small round icon with a (?) in it perhaps) that fires a tool tip with a decent description into what that column is all about e.g. ;ABC, is the demographic rating of lorem ipsum dolar…’

Thinking outloud, thoughts?

An easier way would be to add a title attribute to the column header so the text appears when the user hovers:




            'headerHtmlOptions'=>array('title'=>'Your description here'),




Hi Keith,

Yeah I have a similar thing for email, where I clip the addresses so they dont destroy the table’s column width, and it shows all on hover…

I think i’ll have to go with this solution you mention and revisit!

Thank you.