CGridView, CListView and CActiveDataProvider

So, I’ve written a wiki titled “CGridView, CListView and CActiveDataProvider” at last.

It’s a tutorial on how to use CGridView (or CListView) together with CActiveDataProvider. The article is mainly targeted on the new comers to Yii.

We see a lot of posts regarding CGridView in our forum time to time, many of them from those who are relatively new to Yii. But unfortunately we have no document on this matter which gives you a big picture of it. Sure, we have the ‘Class Reference’ and it’s excellent, but it’s very difficult to understand the cooperation of CGridView and CActiveDataProvider from it, especially when you are new to Yii. So we could not point them an appropriate document to start with.

I’ve been thinking that it’s worth while to write a wiki that explains the very basics of CGridView (or CListView) together with CActiveDataProvider. It’s been very long since I first thought of a document like that … in fact, I definitely needed such a document when I started learning Yii. And at last, I’ve written it for myself.

Now, I ask all of you, my fellows, to review the wiki.

Is it good enough for the beginners?

Doesn’t it have any wrong or misleading information?

I would appreciate any comments, corrections and suggestions to improve it. :)


Definitely great wiki softark!

well done ; helpful to some one :lol:

Thank you, bennouna and yiqing95. I appreciate your approvals very much. :D

Please let me know if you have noticed any flaw in the wiki.

Really nice article.

small typo - "an model".

And maybe to mention that filter located between header and body - "by default"? Or point that position may be changed.

Thanks for your comment, yugene. I’ll revise the article as soon as possible.