Cgridview - Cbuttoncolumn Ajax

I’ve searched high and low for this but have not come across a solution.

I have a CbuttonColumn with an extra button, which is simply a folder icon. The initial display of my CGridView is based on ‘parent_id=0’. What I am looking for is to click on this folder icon and send the current $data->id as ‘parent_id’ via Ajax so that the CGridView will refresh showing data based on that parent_id.

I know how to return the data based on parent ID, what I don’t know is how to create the Ajax link for the folder icon in such a way as to update the grid. I have this working just fine using a hard link rather than Ajax, eg. /my_controller/action&Model[parent_id]=3

Hi there. I don’t get it, but what about

Your code at the end seems to do the job, doesn’t it?