CGridView and colspan, subheaders

Hi everybody!

I have a little problem with CGridView. How to make a subheaders (colspan\rowspan) in CGridView?

<table class="items">



            <th id="grid_c0" rowspan="2" scope="col">Название датасервера</th>

            <th id="grid_c1" rowspan="2" scope="col">IP датасервера</th>

            <th id="grid_c2" rowspan="2" scope="col">Статус</th>

            <th id="grid_c3" colspan="4" scope="col">Нагрузка</th>



            <th id="grid_c4">CPU, %</th>

            <th id="grid_c6">Канал, %</th>

            <th id="grid_c7">Mem, %</th>

            <th id="grid_c8">HDD, %</th>




        <tr class="odd">

            <td>srv1 in USA</td>








        <tr class="even">

            <td>srv2 in Europe</td>











Unfortunately, it’s not supported in CGridView as far as I know.

You might want to:


[*] Extend CGridView

[*] Make use of CListView

[*] Give up


If I were you, I would take the last one. :P

The others would cost you a lot if you want to keep all the goodies of CGridView like sorting and inline filtering.