Cgridview And Checkbox

I made CGridView and have checkboxes, and pagination. If i checked some checkboxes at page number 1 ,then go to the page 2, and then return to 1, i didn’t see checkboxes which was checked?

Can smbd, can helps with this

Set the Property of remember history

moreover this will be perfect for your situation

thanks a lot,2nd it’s helps

but 1st is not working <_<

i updated to 1.1.13

I’m using 1.1.13 and th enableHistory doesn’t work as well.

the extension is working , BUT . I have 2 ajax functions: one deletes the selected rows and the other sends mail to them. Those functions see the checked rows only of the actual page.

Does somebody have a solution for that?

My delete function:




			var checked=$("#person-grid").yiiGridView("getChecked","person-grid_c11");

			var count=checked.length;

			if(count>0 && confirm(" are you sure you want to delete "+count+" people ? "))