Cgridview Ajax Won't Sort Grid

I think it happened when I upgraded to yii 1.1.14. Now it can’t sort nor search columns in CGridView

please provide the Detailed information so that if i know something i can help you

[SOLVED] There were 2 problem

  1. I used my css to customize CDetailView and I didn’t put correct path to, up,gif and down.gif. I fixed that and it was better

  2. In my models, function search(), I used “condition” and “order” as my sql query and that was the thing that stopped CDetailGrid to be functional. I’ve changed everything to compare() and it worked

I had the same problem, but it was because I was using multiple data providers. The one that’s provided by the search method works however I was creating a second one in the view. After changing my code to use the single data provider, my sort started working as expected.