Cgridview Ajax Sorting Problem

Hi everyone,

After upgrading from version 1.1.10 to 1.1.12 yesterday, I’ve realized that sorting in CGridView widget is no longer working as it is supposed to. Below is how my page is set up:

I have an action ( Action A ) that renders a view that consists of 2 tabs.

When that action is called, I fill the default tab via an AJAX call. A new action ( Action B ) in the same controller is requested, and the view is rendered with "renderPartial" with outputProcess true.

The CGridView is shown normally, but when i click one of the headers to sort the data, it does not make an AJAX call to the related action ( Action B ), but instead makes a normal HTTP request and the page refreshed with the CGridView shown with no layout file etc.

When i include 1.1.10 with the standing code, the CGridView works sucessfully. But when I change back to 1.1.12, it does not work.

Any sugggestions?

did you clean assets directory after upgrade? grids publish some javascripts and maybe this could be the reason if there were changes.

This is my local development, and the debug mode is on. I still tried cleaning it manually, but did not work.

The weird thing is, filter works through AJAX but sorting refreshes the whole page.

Want me to include the codes etc?

I guess noone had a similar problem after upgrading.