CGridView ajax search is not working in IE8


I am a newbie in yii and facing a critical problem with IE8 browser. I have used CGridView filter and that works perfectly in FF but in IE8 when you key in any data at the input box provided and then press enter ,it will remove enitre grid and leave a white page where in FF it works properly.

Why it is happening ? Please help me.

thanking you,

The filtering works in IE like in FF so it can be something with your code…

Both filtering and column sort is working without any problems in IE 8! Just checked it on version 8.0.6001.18702.

It is a good idea to first check some behaviour or feature in freshly generated application (use yiic webapp for this) to make yourself sure if this is truly an error in Yii core or just a mistake in your own code - as mdomba suggested.