Cgridview Ajax Pagination Back Button Issue

Hi there,

When user displays my CGridView, let’s say i am on page number 3 , and then click to display details of selected grid view item and then goes back with either pressing “Back” (tested in Firefox and IE) or by re-entering grid view’s view, he always gets first page and order by default can i retain the state of pagination.

please help me

by default it uses ajax for pagination you disable it by adding

<?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(



in your CGridView

If you are using Yii 1.1.11 or higher, then it may be worth trying ‘enableHistory’.

It should work with ajax.

thanks softark for your reply but i am using version can i do the same in this version?

thanks in advance

Hi alirz23

thanks for your reply but i have to do the same with ajax pagination. any other way?

There are jQuery plugins for that. And if you check CGridView’s latest source code, you can see ‘enableHistory’ property triggers this code:

/*lines 411-412*/



That’s the same plugin:

Pay attention to the requirements etc.


I got additional question related somehow (I use Yii 1.1.13). Imagine there is page with a CGridView with enabled history and pagination via ajax (displaying many pages):

  1. user goes to for instance page 3 in grid pagination

  2. then user goes to other url/page (not a grid page)

  3. then users clicks back button to go back to page with grid

Grid page will display first page results for a fraction of seconds and then it will load results via ajax for page 3? Does it it have to go to page 1 and then jump to page 3? IMO on back button it should go to 3 page results directly.



I am using 1.1.10. I have the same question. Can someone shed some light?