Cgridview Ajax And 12029 Connection Error

Hello. Im implementing a cgridview which adds and deletes records to some table and all works fine. Anyway, i also tried to handle the request errors by myself in case the server went down and if the user tried to delete a record in the cgridview he will be notice with a customized message that a connection could not be established. While doing that i noticed that if i left the cgridview alone, in IE 8 at least the cgridview will popup an alert with "Error 12029", but in Firefox 22 nothing happens, just the loading gif appears and then disappears. When trying to handle the errors by myself, in firefox, the afterdelete function of the cbuttoncolumn is not even called so i dont have a chance to test for success. I did not post any code because this happens also with Gii autogenerated code, but if required i will do so. Im using Yii 1.1.13, many thanks.