cgrid search , on empty dataprovider doesn't return anything ?

Hi all

I made a CGridView + search

but it seems if the search attributes return an empty dataprovider this breaks my cgrid,

but more over doesn’t give a no results message like it should with $this->renderEmptyText();

I wasn’t quite sure what to type as keywords to look this up in the forum

so if anybody experienced this

I’d love to hear how, it was solutioned , I’m a bit stuck on it


Hello :) I’d say it can be anything. Please post your codes to help us help you :)

Thanks for the quick reply

in the controller

as you can notice , 4 statuses , but one has no corresponding data in DB , this is the breaking one

$model=new Actions('search');

$model->unsetAttributes();  // clear any default values		

$actionStatusFilters = user()->getState('actionStatusFilters', array(Actions::STATUS_PENDING, Actions::STATUS_INPROGRESS , Actions::STATUS_CLOSED,Actions::STATUS_CANCELED));

$model->status = $actionStatusFilters;		

the CGridView instance

$this->widget('application.components.CGridViewPerfony', array(



    'rowIdPrefix' => $rowIdPrefix,

	'buildMBZList' => array('id','userid','stakeholderid'),


    'columns' => array(


The CGridViewPerfony extends the CgridViewBis I have joined as file

which is simply tweaked classic CGridView

Thanks for the help