CGirdView can not show firstPageLabel

$this->widget(‘zii.widgets.grid.CGridView’, array(










I use the cgirdview can’t show the firstPageLabel,nextPageLabel in default.

So i add these property in pager.but it did not work too.

Please help me.

yii version 1.6

There must be more than 10 items (by default) passed to CGridView by the data provider before the pagination controls will appear. I’m assuming you have populated the columns property in CGridView. If you have columns setup and you are passing more than 10 items into CGridView, but you still don’t see the pagination controls, then the problem might be with you data provider code. Try posting some more of the code, and maybe we can figure out what’s wrong.

This is the easy way (just add it to the same file)

  $cs = Yii::app()->clientScript;

  $css = 'ul.yiiPager .first, ul.yiiPager .last {display:inline;}';

  $cs->registerCss('show_first_last_buttons', $css);


thanks,you are rignt.

because the first label is none in default css style.