Hi all…

I am new in Yii. can any one tell me how can i post a form using cformmodel.

I have a DB table with three DB Fields.Don’t need to use CRUD.

DB table name is *question

DB Fields are

  • qid(auti increment)

  • question

  • answer

Pls…Any suggestion will be highly appreciated …

Click on the submit button ?

Really …

Post a form ? I dont quite understand, explain yourself better

I want to implement CFormModel in my form.How is it possible .Please explain me.

If you give me sample code …It will be true help full to me…


in this tutorial here you can find what you need, you can also create it using crud and chek the code, another option would be to check on the blog demo that comes with the download of the framework


Is it possible to insert data of form to data base using CFormModel