CFormModel won't validate

Hello folks. I'm looking now at the code I've written and I simply don't figure out why this form doesn't ->validate():

class RbacCreateOperationForm extends CFormModel {

	public $name;

	public $description;

	public $bizRule;

	public $data;

	public $type=0;

	public $friendlyName='Operation';

	public function rules() {

		return array(

			array('name, description','required'),




	public function attributeLabels() {

		return array('bizRule' => 'Business rule');


	public function checkName($attribute,$params) {

		if(AuthItem::model()->findByPk($this->name)) {

			$this->addError('name',$this->friendlyName.' already exists');



	public function safeAttributes() {

		return array(




	protected function beforeValidate($scenario) {


	protected function afterValidate($scenario) {

		if(empty($this->bizRule)) {

			$this->bizRule = NULL;


		if(empty($this->data)) {

			$this->data = NULL;




It did work earlier, but I've made some "fundamental changes" to the entire code base, so I really can't remember where are the differences between "before" and "after". However I simply don't see any mistake in the form.

Here is how I use it:

	public function actionIndex()


		$auth = Yii::app()->authManager;

		$operationsForm = new RbacCreateOperationForm;

		$tasksForm = new RbacCreateTaskForm;

		$rolesForm = new RbacCreateRoleForm;

		if(isset($_POST['RbacCreateOperationForm'])) {

			$operationsForm->attributes = $_POST['RbacCreateOperationForm'];

			//throw new Exception(var_export($operationsForm,TRUE));

			//throw new Exception(var_export($_POST['RbacCreateOperationForm'],TRUE));

			if($operationsForm->validate()) {

				throw new Exception(print_r($operationsForm,TRUE));

				$newVals = $form->getAttributes();





			'operationsForm' => $this->renderPartial('operationsform',array('form' => $operationsForm),TRUE),

			'operations' => $auth->getOperations(),

			'tasksForm' => $this->renderPartial('tasksform',array('form' => $tasksForm),TRUE),

			'tasks' => $auth->getTasks(),

			'rolesForm' => $this->renderPartial('rolesform',array('form' => $rolesForm),TRUE),

			'roles' => $auth->getRoles()



Any idea?

You override beforeValidate()…check the API manual for this method.


You override beforeValidate()....check the API manual for this method.

Thanks, I've forgot to return TRUE.