CForm, validation and 1.1.0 vs 1.1.1

I have CForm configuration file:


return array (

    'title' => 'Order',

    'showErrorSummary' => true,

    'elements' => array



In yii 1.1.0 when showErrorSummary was set to true it did show only error message in error summary, but now after upgrading to 1.1.1 it does show error message in error summary and near input box.

I don’t know if it’s some kind of feature or bug but what can be done to get back to 1.1.0 behavior?

anyone, please?

Well, in the file ‘yii\framework\web\form\CFormInputElement.php’ change string:

public function render()



		return $this->renderInput();





		'{error}'=>$this->renderError(), // <--- that string


	return strtr($this->layout,$output);



'{error}'=>$this->getParent()->showErrorSummary ? '' : $this->renderError(),

Solution is taken from here.

I am surprised that developers have missed this moment.