Cfilevalidator Doesn't Show Error Messages


I need some help with CFileValidator, when I add a validator rule for a input file in my CFormModel,

the error message I’ve setup doesn’t appear and my input file in view desappear…

Here’s my function rules, look at the “path” field validation rules…

public function rules(){

		return array(

            array('link', 'required', 'message' => 'O campo link é obrigatório'),

			array('site_area, brand_id', 'conflict'),

            array('path', 'file', 'types' => 'jpg, jpeg, png, gif', 'on' => 'create', 'message' => 'O campo não pode ser vazio'),

			array('id, link, created, site_area, path, mime, brand_id', 'safe'),