CFileLogRoute writes anomalous timestamps

Suggest environment settings to resolve the following:

PHP says there is a -06:00 difference between GMT and the local timezone

PHP says the Timezone offset in seconds is -21600

Yii says there is a 21600 (timestamp) difference between GMT and the local timezone

Yii says, correctly, that PHP runs in the following local timezone: America/Chicago

There is, however, a seven hour time difference between the timestamp that CFileLogRoute writes and the timestamps written by CWebLogRoute.  CFileLogRoute writes timestamps seven hours ahead of those written by CWebLogRoute.

CWebLogRoute logs timestamps correctly, as they match what PHP says (using: date§ and date(Z)) and what Yii says ( using: Ctimestamp::getGMTDiff() and using: date_default_timezone_get() ).

If this a bug, I have steps defined to reproduce the situation and will file the bug.

I do not want to fill up a bug tracker if this is merely a configuration tuning issue.

Thanks. Fixed.