Cexception : Property "0" Is Not Defined.

This line outputs instance of WinnerSummed. It works fine: the id and all the data is correct:

printExit(WinnerSummed::model()->findAll('nr=:nr', array(':nr'=>$this->tournament->winningSchemeSCH))[0]);

This line fails with "CException : Property "WinnerSummed.0" is not defined."

$winnerSummed = WinnerSummed::model()->findAll('nr=:nr', array(':nr'=>$this->tournament->winningSchemeSCH))[0];

It’s strange because I can output loaded object, but can’t asign it to any variable.

Tried one more thing, which also works fine.

$test = WinnerSummed::model()->findAll()[0];


What am I doing wrongly?