CException problem

Hi for all,

I’m a begginner in Yii framework and I have many problems with the configuration. I create a new app with yiic command and nothing more, like the tutorial screencast says, but, the app shows the following CException:


Unable to import "application.models.*". Please check your server configuration to make sure you are allowed to change PHP include_path.


I don’t understand what this error means exactally, because, in linux directories, it create all the directories with the right permissions and inthe tutorial, Anything is change inside the apache configuration. What can I do for solve this problem??

Thank’s a lot



I am not sure, but are the /protected/runtime folder and its enclosed files writeable?


This is the important part: The PHP configuration on your server obviously doesn’t allow you to change the include_path setting in PHP (which usually is permitted by default). This can e.g. happen if a open_basedir restriction is configured in php.ini.

You should ask the server administrator about which restrictions are in effect.