CException. please help me

so i am starting my project based on the yii blog tutorial.

so far so good. my post are now organized.

now the problem is on the part of the victims. what i need is that victims can be added by officers when they view a post or a case file. i’m having trouble following the Creating comments in the Blog tutorial.

after hours of analyzing the tutorial all i get is this.

it gives me a FATAL ERROR.

where did i go wrong? please help me…

Check the $model value (the first argument of CHtml “active” methods). Looks like it’s not an instance of class Victim.


did you try to use a function getError??? if yes

then you are calling a function in ur view that is not a class;

if you have a conditional statement to display errors.

try to use a CHttpException();

eg if (!True)

     throw new CHttpException('110','description of the error');

thanks guys for the replies. eventually i will try your suggestions and will reply what will happen. goodluck to me :)