CEmailLogRouter Not Sending Mail

Hi all,

I am having issues with sending mails by the logger. I am using my own module for sending other types of mail with PHPMailer which works just fine. That throws me even more off the path of finding the problem. I am 99% sure that my config is correct (have not changed anything in the php.ini).


                    'class' => 'CEmailLogRoute',

                    'emails' => '<name>@hotmail.com',

                    'sentFrom' => '<email adresse>',

                    'subject' => '<subject>',

                    'levels' => CLogger::LEVEL_INFO,


By debugging I notice that it is the CEMailLogRoute->sendMail function that returns false.

Has anyone got any clue why this happens? It’s starting to bug me:-) Thanks for any help.


Ole M

Should be an array

'emails' => array('<name>@hotmail.com'),


Hi Tommy,

and thanks for your reply. Yes, I tried that before without success, and a couple more now to make sure. The reason why I tried without the array is because of many examples like this.

Any other suggestions?


Did you verify that you can send mails from PHP at all? E.g. by calling the mail() function in a simple (non-Yii) Script?

Hi Mike,

and thanks for the reply. As stated above, I am using PHPMailer successfully.

I fixed the problem by extending log router, using PHPMailer there.