Cemaillogroute Seems To Be Slow


I’ve tried to setup CEmailLogRoute in my config file, so that I get all error and warning logs to my inbox. However this log route seems to be slow: When I try to access a site route that does not exist, it takes approximately 2-4 seconds longer to display the error message (because the mail gets send using php mail() function). Is there a way to speed up this process? Probably using SMTP (but I think this should be slower).

Check your local mail delivery, maybe it does not have it’s own queue but instead just sends all the mail directly to another SMTP server.

I’m using postfix as a local mail client. Don’t get me wrong: 2 seconds for sending a mail is not much, but the disadvantage of CEmailLogRoute is in this case that each user has to wait until the mail got sent. And this is bothering me… But it seems that there are no other options to get this faster, are there?

It should be very fast to deliver a message to a local queue. Postfix then handles the delivery to a remote machine.

Check your postfix configuration, test it from the command line using sendmail. Maybe there is some slow DNS resolving.