CDN (all.min.js) Now Takes A Long Time To Load (7 Minutes)

I’m getting complaints that the website I help run is taking too long to load. This seems to only be an issue for the past two days. I looked into the network timings on firefox, and it seems like the GET for is taking 7 minutes. Once it’s cached everything works fine again, but the cache is cleared whenever the user signs out.

Does anyone know why this just started happening now? What’s the best way to fix this? Any and all information is useful :slight_smile:

I tried to look through the code and find where this gets loaded, but couldn’t find anything in my code.

This CDN is really slow, don’t use it.

Ah, that makes sense thank you!

Do you know how I can switch to a different CDN? Should I look through the composer packages I’ve installed since I didn’t see anything referencing that CDN in the code?

Is there a list of other options?

Sorry, if this is something obvious, this is my first time dealing with web stuff!

Thank you for the help :smiley:

I can see there are some cdns listed on google, just search “font awesome cdn” and start looking from there. Consider also making a local copy for your app to save some bandwidth. You can use for example or or others.

Amazing, thank you so much! :smiley: