Cdetailview Th Alignment Problem


I have a CDetailView which is displaying data in two columns; left is heading (th) and right the data (td). Now I want to make the text alignment of left column the ‘th’ to be text-align right.



It’s already the case, CDetailView registers its styles.css which has the following style definition:

table.detail-view th {

  text-align: right;

  width: 160px;


Thanks, it solved my problem… :)

In fact, I’d suggest you see the real cause of that behavior: why CDetailView doesn’t register its styles.css? Unless you did it on purpose (in clientScript config) it may be a generic cause for other issues…

Yeah, I did and actually I have completely changed the grid layout and used a ‘custom.css’ file for it. I wanted to make the text align right for the heading column (left column) for a particular case. So I have created a css class like this:

table.table-detail-grid-view th {

text-align: right !important;


which solved my problem.