CDetailView Confusion

This may be a silly question but I want to change my view page for a certain controller. By Default it renders CDetailView using the model. What would be the correct way to design my own view page. Do I change the html of CDetailView ( if thats possible ) or do I directly write my html in view.php and remove the widget call.

aha! check this extension (xdetailview) out i wrote while ago, layout your view whatever way you like.

The latter is the standard choice. No need to use CDatailView widget in "view" page.

In some situation you might want to make a partial view to show the model and call it from the view page, but it’s not always necessary.

Yeh I have come to the assumption this is the correct way. CDetailView is pretty limiting unless you are developing a CMS. Thanks for the replies and iell keep XDetailView in mind.