Cdbhttpsession Lost

I stuck with a very strange issue. I have installed XAMPP on Windows 8. My site is divided to frontend and backend. I defined and virtual hosts. After login and selecting any link (or when redirect is used) my session is lost. I’m using CDbHttpSession to handle session. I tried closing the session before redirect as suggested in many topics but it doesn’t help. The strange thing is that on another server, running on Linux everything works fine

This has been answered on IRC, the cookie domain was wrong.

Partially solved. Still the session for 2nd domain doesn’t work but… I"m working on it. Once I find the sollution I will publish it here

[size="2"]The solution for my issue was dot, or to be more precisely two dots. [/size]

[size="2"]If you like to setup SSO on localhost, just remember that each domain has to have two dots, e.g.,, etc. If you use domain name with one dot e.g. then your cross-domain cookie will be ignored by browsers.[/size]