CDbExpression.php - invalid package

Too small to report a bug :slight_smile:

I can't reproduce. Maybe it's caused by your APC caching?

I mean a doc string only ;)

@package system.web.widgets.pagers

As a result, generated phpdoc has an invalid packaging.

Probably I was too concise. Thi is a full version :)

CDbExp​ression.php contains this phpdoc:


 * CDbExp​ression represents a DB exp​ression that does not need escaping.

 * CDbExp​ression is mainly used in {@link CActiveRecord} as attribute values.

 * When inserting or updating a {@link CActiveRecord}, attribute values of

 * type CDbExp​ression will be directly put into the corresponding SQL statement

 * without escaping. A typical usage is that an attribute is set with 'NOW()'

 * exp​ression so that saving the record would fill the corresponding column

 * with the current DB server timestamp.


 * @author Qiang Xue <>

 * @version $Id: CDbExp​ression.php 538 2009-01-15 19:34:03Z qiang.xue $

 * @package system.web.widgets.pagers

 * @since 1.0.2


I mean

* @package system.web.widgets.pagers

string points to invalid package.

ah. thank you!