CDbCriteria bug

$this->condition; // string(20) "company.status=:ycp0"

$criteria->condition; // ""

Thanks, will fix it asap.

Alexander, can you fix this issue? No? Do not flood!

Check latest SVN revision.

Сan you check the code before commiting? horror! Qiang knows what are you doing?


$this->condition; // string(20) "company.status=:ycp0"

$criteria->condition; // ""

			if($this->condition==='') // NO!


			else if($criteria->condition!=='') // NO!

				$newCondition="({$this->condition}) $and ({$newCriteriaCondition})";

like a looser… try to:

			if(isset($newCondition)) $this->condition = $newCondition;

your "hotfix" (revision: 1930):

if($newCondition) $this->condition = $newCondition;

and try to optimize your code… it looks not good

Forgot to use !empty(). Thanks.

What else exactly "looks not good"?


Can’t resist to say something here.

From my experiences in the PRADO dev team, i know how bad it feels, if all you get for your voluntary work are rants. It’s not very motivating for new team members. Mistakes happen and that’s what SVN is for. A simple bug report would have been enough. We need more active devs for Yii and should be happy if someone is not only joining the team but also doing some real work.

Totally agree :wink: When creating, developing things - mistakes are to be made, but fast problem solving this is the competitive edge! Keep up the good pace.