Cdbconnection With Ms-Access

Hi everybody!

This is my fist post en this forum and i’m looking for any support with this topic.

I have to develop with MS Access DB… and i was searching about this issue but nobody knows how to solve it!

Is there some solutions to connect with ODBC driver and CDbConnection class in Yii?

Thanks for your help guys!

And I am waiting for this answere. Why this group hate so much MS Access??? What if I run Yii application on intranet!!! Or just answere, not possible.



Never done this but searching the web yielded a few results. Check out this one.

Also, you might be better migrating the data from MS access to some other DB (MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL). Might worth considering and investing the needed resources in this. After that - you’re a free man to work with standard relational DBs.

Boaz thank You!

But I can’t while mr. qiang or mr samdark cant give answere on my question. I don’t need advice just answere!

Or it is forbidden to make framework who work with MS Access. You don’t respect millions developer from this societe.