Cdbcommand ->Fetchall() With Multiple Row Sets Via Sqlsrv


using a Stored Procedure returning multiple row sets that can not be altered, on an Apache-PHP-MSSQL-Stack running on Windows using sqlsrv as driver yields the error:

CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[IMSSP]: The active result for the query contains no fields

This behaviour did not cause problems w/ other drivers as they seemingly ignored multiple result sets. The usual fix to this problem uses sqlsrv_next_result() until a different error occurred or we have exhausted the row sets.

Being new to Yii, the only solution I could muster was modifying CDbCommand.php which is obviously not an option for production mode. Here’s my modifications starting from CDbCommand.php#515:

// 2013-10-21 (kiewiet): Dear god... there must be some other

//   way to do this properly w/o modifying library code; ask

//   on the forums.

$retry_hack = false;

do {

	try {


		$retry_hack = false;  // won't get here on throw


	catch (PDOException $e) {

		// If we do not have any more rowsets we obviously have

		// a proper exception at this point and just re-throw

		// it to whomever wants to catch it.

		if (!($retry_hack = true === $this->_statement->nextRowset())) {

			throw $e;



} while ($retry_hack);

So my question is now: how can I introduce this behaviour at a low level (i.e. so that AR classes still work, etc.) without actually modifying the library code?

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I came across "MultipleActiveResultSets=False;" which may be specified in the DSN. This does not solve the problem (just in case someone was going to suggest this);