Cdatetimeparser Does Not Support 'y'

CDateTimeParser converts dates from a format to a timestamp. Trying to use the internal locate dateFormat for french resulted in errors. After further investigation I found that the locales in Yii, as used by CDateFormatter use the table at

In that table, ‘y’ is defined as the year. French locale (and many others) define the format ‘d MMM y’. This format cannot be parsed by CDateTimeParser.

I have added the ‘y’ option to CDateTimeParser in my copy to be handled the same as ‘yyyy’. I believe this should be fixed in yii and any other useful entries in UTS#35 also be matched.

My original reason for getting into this was trying to use an i18n-enabled jui datetime picker.

Using yii 1.1.14

I concur, same here.

i18n files supplied with Yii specify for e.g. full date format for en_gb to be ‘EEE, d MMMM y’ but CDatetimeParser can not parse it because there is no ‘y’ support, only ‘yyyy’ and ‘yy’.