CController.layout doesn't know about the theme setting?

I moved all of my layout information in to a theme folder and I can’t seem to get the generated Controller to point at themes/default/layout/column1 as a layout.

I looked over and I was hoping to find a preset alias for theme.

Any ideas? I’d rather not have to modify the controller every time I change the theme in the config.

this is the property I am talking about. Is it possible to point this at the current theme?

public $layout='application.views.layouts.column1';

Simply write

public $layout='column1';

That was the first thing I tried, but it still doesn’t seem to find the theme’s column1 layout. ???

here is the directory structure:

themes > default > views > layouts > column1.php

after taking a closer look, it is finding the column1 layout, but not the main layout.

in column1 there is a call to beginContent that passes ‘application.views.layouts.main’, changing this to ‘main’ doesn’t help.

somewhat hacky solution is to:

<?php $this->beginContent('webroot.themes.default.views.layouts.main'); ?>

there is a fix in SVN for working with themes and layouts

take a look at there so you won’t need to hack to get the job done…I think Qiang will release it in 1.1.3

hope it helps!!



Unfortunately it’s not present in version 1.1.3, right?