CChoiceFormat and Yii::t()

When I add a language var to my XMLMessageSource with the ChoiceFormat option there is missing a whitespace:

<entry id="amountTables">1#{amount} Table|n>1#{amount} Tables</entry>


If I add a second whitespace between placeholder and text, everything is correct:

<entry id="amountTables">1#{amount}  Table|n>1#{amount}  Tables</entry>

96 Tables

This is weird. Could you please insert an echo statement in line 62 of CChoiceFormat.php and see what $message is being returned?

Everything seems to be OK there… I've var_dump'ed the variable $messages:

string '{amount} Tables' (length=15)

Then it should work as expected. If you check YiiBase::t(), you will see the next method is strtr() of the message…