CCheckBoxColumn header not working

I’m trying to set the header cell text for a CCheckBoxColumn but it’s not working, does anyone know what’s wrong?














The footer text is shown correctly.

I checked the generated html, which didn’t have any field for the header of the checkboxcolumn.

The generated html:

<table class="items">



<th id="example-grid_c0"><a href="/sampleapp/index.php/something/index/sort/name">Name</a></th>

<th id="example-grid_c1"><a href="/sampleapp/index.php/something/index/sort/expiry_date">Expiry</a></th>

<th class="checkbox-column" id="check_boxes"><input class="select-on-check-all" type="checkbox" value="1" name="check_boxes_all" id="check_boxes_all" /></th>

<th class="button-column" id="job-grid_c11">&nbsp;</th></tr>

<tr class="filters">


Well according to the documentation, the fact you put [font=“Courier New”]‘selectableRows’=>2[/font] will put a checkbox in the header that allows to select/deselect the entire column.

Of course, i have seen the documentation, but then what if i also want some text next to the checkbox in the header?

Further if we check the source of the renderHeaderCellContent, we see that it renders header text only if selectableRows<=1, otherwise it renders the checkbox and no header text. I feel this fact should be documented. I’ll go put a comment in the docs now. Thanks for your reply though.

There is an issue currently worked on about this -

Thank you for the link @mdomba


I have a CGridView with seven CCheckBoxColumn for each day of the week with ‘selectableRows’=>2

CGridColumn does not have filter so I have used that space for naming the columns and it looked pretty.

Used the following JS:


Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScript('setColNames', "

	$('#grid_id .filters').attr('align','center');

	$('#grid_id .filters').children(':nth-child(1)').text('Su');

	$('#grid_id .filters').children(':nth-child(2)').text('Mo');

	$('#grid_id .filters').children(':nth-child(3)').text('Tu');

	$('#grid_id .filters').children(':nth-child(4)').text('We');

	$('#grid_id .filters').children(':nth-child(5)').text('Th');

	$('#grid_id .filters').children(':nth-child(6)').text('Fr');

	$('#grid_id .filters').children(':nth-child(7)').text('Sa');


Where #grid_id - is the id of the CGridView and :nth-child(n) - is the order of the cell.

Put this code at the end of the view.