Ccheckboxcolumn And Multiple Select

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up CGridView, in order to select multiple rows using CCheckBoxColumn.

By default, when a checkbox is checked, it adds a "selected" html class to the row <tr class="selected">…</tr>

and you can only select 1 row

I added ‘selectableRows’=>5, so I can select 5 rows max…

I’ve got 2 problems :

  • the max value (5) doesn’t work, I can select 10 items… how to correct that ?

  • the “.selected” class in the <tr> doesn’t work anymore since I addded the “selectableRows” …

Thank you in advance if you got the answer !

In documentation we can read :

"Checking a checkbox has nothing to do with selecting the row", so you have to ensure that when you check a box, you select the line aswell, but you have to do it yourself. Thus, you could reach the limit of checked box and line selected.

then we can also read :

"null - CGridView::selectableRows is used to control how many checkboxes can be checked. Checking a checkbox will also select the row."

Thus, I understand that what you’re looking for needs to be tricked a bit =)

For example, you can use HtmlOption to add class="selected" to your row when you check the box.

check this stack overflow

thanx alot !