CCaptcha doesn't generate an image


On one hosting server CCaptcha generates an image on contact page but on other it doesn’t create any image.

Even if I go to page: index.php?r=site/captcha&v=4cbc3b210000e

I guess that implementation is correct because it works on one server.

I have GD enable:


GD Support 	enabled

GD Version 	bundled (2.0.34 compatible)

GIF Read Support 	enabled

GIF Create Support 	enabled

JPG Support 	enabled

PNG Support 	enabled

WBMP Support 	enabled

XBM Support 	enabled 

What may be the reason of the situation? What should I enable to see images?



GD should be compiled with freetype support. Try running requirements tester that is distributed with framework.

So I guess that there is no freetype… I will try to install it and I will see if it helps… thanks :)