CButtonColumn.deleteConfirmation problem

I have a small problem with CButtonColumn.deleteConfirmation or I misunderstand, how does it (should it) work.

Documentation for this property says:

the confirmation message to be displayed when delete button is clicked. By setting this property to be false, no confirmation message will be displayed. This property is used only if $this->buttons[‘delete’][‘click’] is not set.”.

If so, then where did I make a mistake in the code:




    	'deleteConfirmation'=>'This should not appear, since buttons->delete->click is set',







                    	'options'=>array('title'=>'Edycja oferty'),

                    	'visible'=>'$row > 0'






                    	'options'=>array('title'=>'Usunięcie oferty'),

                    	'click'=>"js:'Delete user?'"



    	'template'=>'{update} | {delete}'


that I still see message, I’m not suppose to see after clicking delete (“This should not appear, since buttons->delete->click is set”).

For click of delete button, I tried both:

js:'Delete user?'


function(){alert("Delete user?");}

In both situation I still see message defined in deleteConfirmation, not the one from buttons[‘delete’][‘click’]'s alert. What am I doing wrong?

BTW: Please not, that I’m still using 1.1.4 (if this is a bug and was fixed) and that I’m in an extremely high lack of caffeine, after sleeping only four hours (in case I would be missing something dumbly obvious)! :]