CBredcrumbs - Keep track

Hi All,

I’m trying to understand how CBreadcrumbs works. Is it supposed to keep track of previous pages or do I need to pass it the whole set of links I want to show ?

For example,

Home > Categories > Food > Bananas

In a case like above, I would assume just the Bananas link would need to be set and CBreadcrumbs keeps track of the previous links for Food and for Categories. So, all my code would need is something like:

$this->breadcrumbs='Bananas'; //this assumes that CBredcrumbs is keeping track of each of the links from

 Home and Categories and Food.  It also assigns the current url to 'Bananas" 

OR, do I need to pass it the chain something like:

$this->breadcrumbs=array('Categories'=>array('site/strat','link'=>$link_id, 'Food'=>array('site/strat', 'link'=>$link_id), 'Bananas');

Thanks for your help.


Breadcrumbs widget only generates HTML code. It can only add your site’s home url automaticly. Everything else is up to you.

Thank you.