CAutoComplete URL Specification


For the CAutoComplete Widget it takes a URL or an array of data.

Now I can get both of these working correctly, but im wondering what the correct way to implement the URL file is. I don't want to just use a flat php file since I need data from some of my Yii models and I'd like to use the correct Yii format for this, but I have no idea how it should be implemented. Any ideas? examples?

I've seen the example on another post, but it just contained some random methods and I have no idea how it is actually being implemented.


I guess there is no "real" implementation for the url.

You can use any Controller action method you like.

So the url would be index.php?r=YourController/YourActionMethod.

eg. like in this thread


Okay I figured out how to use a controller action instead, thanks.