CAutocomlete inside module

I've a module called admin. Inside it I've an controller called TournamentController and I've an action actionselectPlayer.

My declaration of CAutoComplete widżet look following:

and action bind to CAutoComplete looks so simple:

When I'm typins anything in CAutoComplete I see in firebug following error message

Any idea what is wrong?

Did you paste your widget() code correctly? The 'url' property is not set correct. The value should be put in an array.

You are right, now it works. Karma++

One more thing. I’ve extended above example into cookbook autocomplete example. I’m interesting, how I can now, react when user press enter. I wan’t to use CAutocomplete class to achieve the same effect as we have on SMF forum, when we are sending PM to someone. We have there an input, where we can write username. When we are pressing enter currently matching user is added to senders. Could you anyone give me a hint how should I modify my code, to fullfill this functionality?


I've achieved some results, but this is still not satisfying me. Now, my control behaves in following way. It is searching players, when players is selected from matchlist, focus from CAutoComplete is lost and pressing enter doesn't finish for a form with succes event. I've to click on CAutoComplete and press enter. If I do that, content of div is filled with data I want.

You may refer to the autocomplete used in the API page:

I can't find interesting me thing, could you point me, what I should find?

I meant the js code for the autocomplete (pay particular attention to the 'result' callback):