category hierarchy with cgridview

Hello yii members,

i want to generate category hierarchy with cgridview with add/edit/delete button… please anyone suggest me any plugins for that.?? i already searched a lot but didn’t find anything… Please check attached image file for what i mean.!! please please any suggestions.?? i really need to do it asap.


Maybe using CListView would be better in your situation. You are a lot more flexible when using it because every row gets rendered with its own view file. I only use CGridView for simple tasks

Thank you for a quick reply Haensel… i never used clistview… is it same as cgridview or i have to make lots of changes to make it work??


Here’s the doc:

Both CGridView and CListView use dataProviders, so you don’t have to change much. The main difference is - as I said before - that you don’t specify columns but a partial view that gets rendered for every model/row. It would take to much time to explain that here, just play around with it a bit and you will see what I mean.