Cassetmanager.basepath How Define

my web application perfectly running and then.

i’m jsut move that from one sever to other and i got this

CAssetManager.basePath "home/posococo/public_html/rims_new/assets" is invalid. Please make sure the directory exists and is writable by the Web server process.

i search a lot but not able to fix it.

some of like-




but how to set that i don’t know

thanks in advance.

some of say to change assets to 777.

after that i got

opy() [<a href=‘function.copy’>function.copy</a>]: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 2274 is not allowed to access /home/posococo/public_html/rims_new/assets/d4977f2b owned by uid 99

i do create new folder named ‘d4977f2b’

i repeat my this process for 4 to 5 folder.

finally my aplication run.

but without css files from assets

how to fix it please help.