Case sensitivity in Linux


I have an application which runs fine on Windows. But when I move it to Linux host it fails and most likely because of the Case Sensitive file names.

So here is my case please point me into where I am doing wrong.






Now the Controller file name is ProjectTblController.php

Class name is

class ProjectTblController extends Controller

and action method is

public function actioneasySearch(){

Now when I browse to /easysearch/ I get 404 Unable to resolve the request "projectTbl/easySearch".

Any help much appreciated.



Try renaming the "ProjectTblController.php" file to "Projecttblcontroller.php"

there is property on urlManger named caseSensitive set it to false and it should work as expected



'rules' => ...

No tried both suggestions but didn’t fix the issue.

Have you tried to set the controller map ?


Try this:

1- Change your action name:

public function actionEasySearch()


2- In your main.php:





Thanks A thousand lagogz you saved my day and I can sleep happily now.

You’re welcome. One day you invite me to a whisky and coke and ready!!!!!! :)