Cascading dropDownList using just arrays


I want to use Cascading DropDownList using just two set arrays without having to make an Ajax calls. Is it possible?

I have a following drop down. Based on country selected, I want show list of states in the selected country

echo CHtml::dropDownList('country-id', '', 

          array('US' => 'America', 

                'CA' => 'Canada',

                'JP' => 'Japan',


echo CHtml::dropDownList('state-id', '', 

          array('US-CA' => 'California', 

                'US-FL' => 'Florida',

                'CA-AL' => 'Alberta',

                'JP-KA' => 'Kansai',


Thanks in advance

You can do so with jquery, just google for it. There’s even an extension here:

BTW: The "Miscellaneous" section of this forum would be the right place for these questions. "Tips, Snippets and Tutorials" is for exactly this: Useful Tipps, Snippets and Tutorials someone wants to share.