cart / ecommerce apps for yii ???

Hi, As you can see that this is my first post and was wondering what is the situation with yii and eccomerce?

Are there any mature solutions available?

Years past I used oscommerce/zen/CRE and recently am using opencart.

Even though I think opencart is really it, I am planning to go beyond that with more functionality for my site and would rather not try to bridge/piece together various parts like forums, mailing lists, etc …

So, I started looking for a more mature framework to either port opencart to or deal with what is available here.

Any comments will definitely be appreciated!

There is a good shopping cart extension available:

Thanks for the heads up.

Hmmm, 123k is pretty awesome for size but I’m thinking of a full blown Magneto contender.

oscommerce and zen are just too bloated and Magneto is well, based on zend for all it’s strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve open up Magneto and installed it. I was simply amazed by the sheer size, number of files, and how it was relatively slow on my development machine compared to other default installs I did for other carts.

Has the yii community already built there own solutions or is a cart just not high on priorities?

I don’t know of any e-commerce solutions based on Yii, maybe Google could give you a start. I think everyone is developing his/her own shop. :)

Magento is fricking slow, It has many functionalities at the expense of speed. The endless class inheritance, large xml based configs, … Though it is very good on the users side, It’s a developers nightmare … :) believe me. No documentation, It is very hard to develop custom solutions.

I havn’t seen a decent Yii based shopping cart, but mind you that would be quite an undertaking! If you’re looking for something more or less easy to customize and similar in programming style to Yii, I would suggest OpenCart. It’s relatively well structured and better than starting from scratch. You could also look into something like PrestaShop perhaps, but when I cracked open the code of PrestaShop I didn’t particularly like it. The downside with OpenCart is that it hasn’t got a lot of features one would want. In the end it shouldn’t be too hard to knock up a basic shopping cart in Yii, but if you want a ready-made store than you’ll need to look elsewhere atm.

Same thoughts here about Magneto and Presta.

Neither impressed me very much.

Tomato, was interesting for the first 5 minutes and then realized can’t really run the backend on a laptop. Besides, having an oscommerce core.

I will not go back to oscommerce. Nothing has really changed since 2003.

As for zen, … long story. I haven’t even download anything from them since the internal beta.

I am pretty deep in opencart at the moment and the organization of the directories is great, the system is relatively snappy and 1.5 is on the way.

However, as stated above, some things are missing. Functionality wise 1.5 should put it pretty close to Magento and others.

I am looking at the framework at the moment. I do like it but it is stopped at the cart level. I’d like to go beyond that hence coming to yii. Which, I did do due diligence and just liked what I’ve been reading across the net. Having forums was also a factor.

hmmmmm …

This thread hasn’t been updated in some time. I’m looking for an open source ecommerce solution which is fully-featured, including:

  • MVC architecture

  • Robust plug-in architecture so that it can be extended with ease

  • Bulk product loader

  • Newsletter

  • Real-time shipping

  • Real-time credit card processing

  • Integration with Paypal

  • Ajax features, preferably using jQuery

  • Ajax features, preferably using jQuery

  • Gift certs

  • Search-engine friendliness (URLs, meta tags, TITLE tags, etc.)

  • Elegant way to manage templates (not Smarty)

  • Inventory control

  • Inventory "out of stock" warnings

  • Product options (e.g., Small/Medium/Large)

  • Inventory for product options (e.g., 5 remaining Small/10 remaining Medium/20 Large)

Wish List:

  • Built-in unit testing, commitment to testing

I looked at prestashop but it’s not MVC, and is very Smarty-intensive, and I said blech after 15 minutes of looking at the code.

Agree with what others say about Magento and won’t go near it.

Downloaded OpenCart and so far it seems like the only candidate. While the code isn’t nearly so elegantly organized as it would be if done in Yii, it does at least use MVC. Looks very featureful (is that true–some folks above said OpenCart is missing a lot of features). Another big plus is the number of templates available for it.

Does anyone have first-hand experience building ecommerce web apps with OpenCart? Or with another open-source, MVC solution? I don’t believe there’s a Yii-based ecommerce solution out there yet which is robust enough for my needs.




<br />

Dear Emily,<br />

We are also looking for a good e-commerce solution for Yii.<br />

<br />

i would also like<br />

Product Variation<br />

Product Attribute<br />

<br />

we are already started with the setting up a Yii Shoppingcart system<br />

but i am searching for developers that want to help developing a best next Yii shop module.<br />

i was wondering if people are instressted in help developing the shopping cart.

This extension is a good start point

Thanks for the links. Yiishop isn’t nearly as robust as I require, and I don’t have the time to build this myself.


It was upgraded with a lot of new things

Hi, how to install yiiShop? i follow install.txt in the docx folder, but i don’t understand step 3.) run <webapp_url>/shop/install in your Web Browser. <webapp_url> means what?

thanks :D

It means, your folder name of application.

(http://localhost/onlineshopping/index.php?r=) == <webapp_url>

example - http://localhost/onlineshopping/index.php?r=shop/install


I work on a marketplace project for dogs.

When a user create a new ad he can choose fee-based options(highlighted ad, topad, etc.).

Therefore I need a shop solution.

My question is now if it is not better to build a bridge to a robust shopping software like opencart, prestashop as to use a not ready yii extension.

I think a module is nothing else than a standalone application.

And therefore I think I can extend the classes in the shoppingsoftware for my needs.

What do you think about this?

Bridging is normally just a patch to problem. You might as well run to separate directories and 2 admin panels because that is how it’s going to feel anyway. Simpler too :(

Other than yiishop, which seems alpha grade material, and this one ( which hasn’t been released, and the shopping-cart-component ( which is a good start, but not an ecommerce app, has anything interesting happened on this front.

We are looking to build a flexible, featured ecommerce website for a client, and we are contemplating yii as the framework, after having worked with various ready-made scripts (opencart included, lacking an intelligent plugin system).



look at this

Thanks Suriyan!

I am interested to co-develop. If interest lets get in touch

Magento is the best platform of e-commerce. Say no more. :) . Yii is fast. But when your e-commerce site is more bigger, are you sure you can optimize your code to help your site run faster? I think Magento is smart when it was young. :D .

I developed a mysql/xml based solution called xoBase, and I’ve been moving parts of that system into Yii. It has some interesting concepts for product catalogs that dovetail really well with Yii. This system is still in use by some major sites, and its time for a total rewrite. I thought Yii would be a good framework to build it on.

I need 3-4 people who can work together remotely to bring the project to a speedy head,and get it out there as an open sourced project.

One of the things it has to do is dovetail with Zurmo.

Any takers?