Carraydataprovider With Clistview And Cdetailview

so i have my query, and to use any of those widgets, mentioned in the title, you need a dataprovider, which I generate like this

$provide= new CArrayDataProvider($budget, array(		


where $budget is the query i run.

The generated dataprovider works well with CGridView, however, when i try to use the same dataprovider with ClistView or CDetailView, I get errors with the former, and the values are not set with the later.

What could I be missing. I think it has something to do with the returned array of data, but i can’t seem to figure out what it it. :blink:

Any help will be appreciated

Can you show errors?

Check if there is data in $budget.

I’ve used it with CGridView and ClistView.

If you can give the code to check it.