Carraydataprovider And Listview

(sorry for my english)

I have CListView widget which displays data from CArrayDataProvider. the source is an array and the array is a nested array that has the following format :

Array([GTA] -> Array([AGP_BAR]->Array ([ID] -> BAR [Name] -> BARCELO MALAGA )

		     [BTA_BAR] -> Array ([ID] -> BAR2 [Name] -> BARCELO xxxxx2))       

      [HBDS] -> Array([AGP_HBS] -> Array ([ID] -> SOMECODE [Name] -> SOME NAME )

	              [BTA_HBS] -> Array ([ID] -> SOMECODE2 [Name] -> SOME NAME2))


And heres the code im using :

Controller :

 $result  = $class->ArrayGenerator();

 $dataProvider=new CArrayDataProvider($result, array('pagination'=>array('pageSize'=>5,),

  $this->render('results',  array('model'=>$model, 'dataProvider'=>$dataProvider));


 $this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array('dataProvider'=>$dataProvider,'itemView'=>'_view',

'template'=>'{sorter}<br />{pager}{items}{pager}','enableSorting' => true,     'sortableAttributes'=>array(

'name'=>'By name',),));

But when the view ‘_view’ renders , in the $data variable I get inside the ‘_view’ partial has an array (the one with ‘GTA’ id) and I suppose that i should get the inner element (the one with ‘[AGP_BAR]’ id), what im doing wrong??

Also only the array with ‘GTA’ is sent to the partial view and i dont know the reason for that behavior…

Any help will be appreciated