Card Reader Integration


At our college we created a student lookup application where we enter student name, last name and ID number to look up their information regarding laptop rental and other services. So now, we would like to have a card reader (like USB card reader) hooked on Helpdesk computers so that helpdesk people can just swipe the student ID card to retrieve the student details instead of fill out the form.

Is that something that is possible to integrate with Yii2? How can we make the application read the card (after swiping) and get the student’s data?

For some background. We do use MIM (Microsoft Identity Manager/FIM) to verify staff, faculty and student to make sure their information is current. But the above question is related to student laptop rental application, which is currently working and we used Yii2 framework. We would like to integrate the card swiping for efficiency.


Yes. It could be integrated. MIM seems to be providing REST APIs so I guess authorization event could be somehow bound through it. You need to read MIM docs from A to Z…

I’ve done barcode scanning with a JavaScript library in yii2 so I know that works. There appears to be a couple jQuery libraries that may do the trick for swiping. I think the key would be to get a card swiped that emulates keyboard entry (I don’t know if that’s what they do by default l) like barcode scanners do.


@samdark, I was giving an example with the MIM software since it’s already in use.

@skworden, I did find that JS plugin by Carl Raymond and also found a youtube tutorial (by Kris Occhipinti) about card reader but he’s using Bash scripting, which I’m not familiar with. I would like to just pipe the card reader without recreating my look up form.

I’ll keep you updated!

You should be able to just click the input field and scan or swipe using just a js library. I’m not by a computer so I can post examples but it should be pretty straightforward.