capturing yii-mail send() to dbase?

I’m using yii-mail and everything is working well. Currently, however, my use is entirely form-based. Once the email is sent, the information is lost.

What I would like to do is save information about the sent email to my database (i.e. pass the result of send both to the recipient and to a save() function). Obviously I can save the material I contribute (to,cc,from,subject,body, etc.). But what about the things that are assigned on send? Message-id, uid, reply-to, date-sent, etc. Ultimately, I want to add the ability to track replies to the system I am building and having this information saved in the database would be extremely helpful

Flourish fEmail returns the message uid from send–with that information, you could presumably fetch the sent message and extract this information. does yii-mail have anything similar? Any idea on how you could combine send() with save()?